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Safe Locksmiths You Can Rely on throughout Denver

Getting locked out of your safe is the most stressful thing, especially when you need to access something important locked in it. Safes are designed to protect against fire, being smashed by force, or fingerprints. However, the odds can turn against you if you lose the key or forget the lock combination. What if we tell you that you won’t have to use an axe to crash your locked safe? If you’re looking for someone who can help you access your safe and get back your valuables, then give us a call. We’re not just locksmiths in Thornton, we provide quality locksmith work all across Denver. 

Our years of experience help us keep your home, business, and valuables secure. We offer a full range of locksmith services for safes, including safe repairs, changing combinations, and cracking safe codes. Whether you need a new safe installed for your business in Denver or a new key for your home wall safe, our safe locksmiths will provide the best assistance. Make your safes more secure and functional by giving us a call!

Lost your Safe Key? We’ll Open It for You

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The importance of a safe cannot be overstated. A safe is a valuable asset that can help keep your belongings secure and helps prevent identity theft. At least until you are locked out of it or missing the key, if you’ve ever lost your key to a safe, you’ll understand the frustration of not being able to get access to your items.

Our professional team is available 24/7 to help you access your important documents, jewelry, and other valuables in less than an hour. We can replace your safe lock or make new keys as per your requirements. We ensure that all work is completed promptly with minimal disruption to protect your safe and its content. We have complete knowledge of various types of safes and can open them a lot faster than you can break-in. We offer key replacements for all safes, including office safes, filing cabinets, and drawer units. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days throughout Denver in Westminster, Brighton, Henderson just to name a few. 


    Our Safe Locksmith Services across Denver

    No safe problems are too complex for us to handle. We can open and repair any brand of safe locks, including Weiser, Sargent & Greenleaf, and Yosec anywhere across Denver (specially in Thornton). Our services are as follows:

    Safe Opening

    If you’ve lost or misplaced the combination to your safe, then need a new key; you’ll know how frustrating it can be. It can take days for a locksmith to manipulate the dials on your safe manually, and having to wait is inconvenient. Our locksmiths and experts can open any combination-protected safe in minutes with the help of specialized tools. Our professional, safe lock specialists can open or re-program the safe lock depending on the type. 

    Safe Repair

    Whether you have a manual or electronic safe, issues can arise. Manual locks can rust, break, or keys can get stuck in it, while electronic safes can get into lockout mode disengage due to lock battery. Instead of spending extra on buying a new safe, trust KLE Locksmith. We’ll inspect the safe mechanism to check for damage or signs of corrosion, gasket, seal, and latch. No matter the problem, our factory-trained technicians will find a way to fix it. They have the tools and expertise needed to repair any type of safe and may help you open them by making adjustments on site.

    Safe Combination Changes

    A safe combination is the most basic means of protecting the contents of a safe from theft, especially when you are living in Thornton. There may be multiple reasons why you’d want to change your safe lock combinations. Maybe you don’t remember the combo anymore or change it for safety. Shuffling the numbers is always a great way to keep your belongings from potential threats. We have the skill and experience to deal with any safe lock or combination issue you might have, from small safes to large commercial vaults. In case you have forgotten the old combination, our lock experts will crack the code and change it.

    Our Safe Cracking Service & Process

    Any safe can easily open if you know the right combination. Many safes have a combination lock, which can be hard to crack through sheer brute force. Even if you’re able to get into the safe, you may not be able to access the contents without damaging the safe itself or breaking the lock. We can crack your safe without destroying the lock or the contents inside. We use the following techniques to crack your locked safes:

    Cylindrical pin tumbler

    Our locksmiths use this trick to open safes at gun shows, offices, and homes. They’ll twist the dial and then push down on each pin until they hear it click into place. After they hear each click, they’ll push down on that pin until hearing the next click (or turn). They’ll keep repeating this process until they’ve unlocked all of the pins and have the safe open.

    Hybrid pin tumbler/combination lock

    This method is used when the locking mechanism has two holes for the combination but only one for the pin. These locks can be far too tough for first-time safecrackers, but not for our expert technicians who have been cracking safe for years.

    Safe Servicing & Clean-Up

    Whether you have a single safe or an entire vault, you’ll have to regularly service and maintain it to prevent rusting and other damages. Safes have an expiration date in their warranties, but most companies don’t specify when that expires. So, you have to ensure timely servicing to avoid safe emergencies.
    The semi-arid climate of Thornton can become a major cause of rust and corrosion in your safe’s walls and locks. Our safe maintenance services include cleaning the inside of the safe and the walls. We’ll remove any stickers or labels that have been placed on your safe by the manufacturer, as they can cause damage to the safe’s locking mechanism. We’ll make sure the dials and handles work properly along with the locks. To keep your new safe running smoothly, we offer detailed servicing. It involves opening it up and checking its electronics and mechanics. If anything goes wrong with your safe, we’ll fix it immediately before it becomes irreparable.

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    We Deal in All Safe Types (Digital, Keypad or Dial)

    No matter what type of safe you own, the main purpose is to prevent unauthorized access. There are many different types of safes ranging in size and capacity. At KLE Locksmith, we take great pride in having exceptional skill in handling any safe. Whether you have a simple dial safe for your home, an old-school digital safe, or electronic safes for your office, we can crack it open for you. Our team of safe locksmiths is all licensed, insured, and background checked so that you can trust them with your belongings inside the safe. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Does It Cost To Open A Locked Safe?

    The cost to open a lock can vary according to the safe’s type, number, and condition. Expect to pay between $100 and $150 for a single quick-opening safe. The cost may increase for more expensive safes that require multiple people and additional equipment. 

    How Do You Open A Safe If You Forgot The Combination?

    Having a change key or override key can help you open your safe if you’ve forgotten your password. However, you’ll need professional help to decode the combination if you don’t access an override key. 

    How Long Does It Take for Our Locksmiths To Open a Safe?

    The time it takes for a locksmith to open a safe depends on several factors, including the type of safe, condition, and situation. If you have a mechanical safe, our professionals can usually open it within 15 to 20 minutes. For electronic safes with combination locks, the process can take up to an hour or more until the lock cracks. 

    Can You Rekey A Safe?

    Similar to your door locks, your safe locks can also be rekeyed for added safety. If you don’t have the budget to replace the safe lock, rekeying is the best option. Whether you need a single key for multiple safes or have lost a copy of the key, you can call our rekey expert to help you out. 

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