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Everyone is concerned about keeping their residence and workplace safe. You might have different reasons for rekeying the locks, but it shouldn’t be ignored and should be done on an immediate basis. To make it safe, you should always rekey your locks once in a while for security reasons. Once done, it will certainly relieve you from the anxiety that you might be feeling all day long which our locksmiths in Thornton are more than capable of doing

On the other hand, rekeying is the supreme choice if you want to save your money. The cost of changing a whole lock and rekeying has a big difference in between. The whole lock costs quite more, whereas rekeying comes at a fraction of the price. If you want to see how it happens, KLE Locksmith can help. We are a leading locksmith company offering reliable rekeying services in Denver for years. Give us a call for free onsite estimates.

How Does Rekeying Work?

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For beginners, it can be really confusing what rekeying means. It is very simple and straightforward to understand. Since a lock is made up of pins inside it, a key specially designed for it can unlock it. So, rekeying service includes changing the locks’ pin so that a new key can fit into it and stops the old key from working. 

The rekeying method may sound complex, but it is way more affordable than replacing your whole lock. Our locksmith technicians will surely provide you with a new combination and a new key that only you have access to. 


    Why Rekey Your Locks?

    People are always confused between rekeying and changing the whole lock. Rekeying is important while you can’t risk your safety but getting a new lock has its own benefits. Moreover, both have their advantages and disadvantages. As we work on keeping you safe, we always prefer you to change your lock combination as soon as you have these circumstances:

    • Lost your keys due to some reason
    • Made a duplicate for your house, and your family member lost it
    • A former office employee who had the keys to access the office
    • If you had rented your house and the tenants left
    • Shifted your office to a newer place
    • A suspicious activity like break-ins

    Cost of Rekeying Services in Denver

    The cost of installing a new lock for your residence may differ from the lock installation in a commercial place. The same scenario implements here. As there are different locks, so is the mechanism inside them. Conventional locks are very easy to rekey, whereas complex locks can be rekeyed but need special tools and skills to rekey them.

    Rekeying cost for a Residence of Denver

    KLE Locksmith has the privilege to provide you with quality rekeying services in Denver, CO, at competitive pricing. As the main part of the lock is the cylinder, that is where the whole work takes place. The more complex the cylinder is, the higher the cost of rekeying it. 

    Moreover, our prices differ, and we charge according to your requirements. If you need a single lock to be rekeyed, the price is less. But it’ll cost higher when you need to rekey the whole house. The average cost of rekeying a lock ranges between $10-$20, depending on the lock complexity. 

    Cost of Rekeying Office Locks

    As the office is productive, you should always rekey it if your employee left the job and forgot to return the keys. If we compare the prices between rekeying residential and commercial properties, then commercial ones are expensive. 

    Since every office has a different lock system, the price may vary depending on its complexity. If the lock system is inexpensive, the rekeying pricing will be cheap and vice versa. So the average cost of rekeying your office locks can vary between $20 to $35.

    Cost of rekeying your Drawers

    Draws are the most important places to put your personal belongings, such as crucial documents, cash, cheques, or jewelry. It would be best to rekey your drawer as soon as possible to keep them safe. The cost of rekeying can vary from $15-$25. 

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