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Nobody likes losing their keys. Worse yet, you get home late from work and realize that the key you thought you had in your pocket actually fell out somewhere between your office and the parking lot. A home lockout is something you never want to experience. Avoid getting locked out this summer with KLE Locksmith! We’re here to help. Our friendly and professional team has the tools and knowledge you need to resolve your issue as quickly as possible at a price that meets your needs. We open single, multi-point, and deadbolts. 

We are a Denver-based locksmith company committed to resolving your lockout issues without making you wait for hours. Our trained technicians have the latest tools and instructions to get you back in your home quickly and safely. We carry a full range of products, including emergency entry tools, window bars, and a variety of lock cylinders. For home lockout and commercial lockout services, call us for help. Your security is our priority!

Reliable & Secure Home Lockout Work

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When you’re locked out of your home, it’s not only frustrating; it can be downright scary. What if you’re locked out of your home in the middle of the night and can’t get back in? Nobody likes losing their keys. Worse yet, you get home late from work and realize that the key you thought you had in your pocket fell out somewhere between your office and the parking lot. At KLE, we understand how scary it can be to feel unsafe in your home, and we want to help. We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith service in Thornton and beyond.

Whether you’ve been locked out or you’re concerned about the safety of your family and property after an attempted break-in, we’ll come out to fix the problem immediately. Our Lock technicians will come to your rescue right away, ensuring that you get back into your home safely and quickly. We can also install new locks or repair your existing hardware if you need it.

We don’t think anyone should ever feel like their home isn’t safe—and with KLE Locksmith working to keep your family secure, you won’t have to worry anymore. If you have any questions about our services or need a quote, call us, and we’ll talk it through with you.


    What type of Locks can Our Locksmiths Open

    We work with homeowners and business owners who have locked themselves out. We have extensive experience with all different types of locks and lockout scenarios, from the most common to the downright weird. It’s our job to get you back in your home or office as soon as possible—and that means having the right tools for the job. Let’s look at some of our locks when performing residential and commercial lockouts in Denver.


    A padlock is an ideal lock for outdoor use, such as securing a shed or gate. Padlocks are available in various sizes and styles, from small ones that can lock up toolboxes to large ones that can secure gates and sheds.


    A deadlock is more secure than a spring bolt lock because it has no spring but relies on key pressure for locking. It is also known as a mortise lock. These locks are normally used on front and back doors to give extra security, with both types are fitted with a keyhole on each side of the door.

    Cylinder Locks

    These are the most common locks and can be found on the front, back, and even internal doors. Most modern cylinder locks can be opened with a key from one side and a thumb turn from the other, but you can also get models that only open with a key or have a thumb turn.

    Keypad locks

    Keypad locks are the best in terms of security, specially if you got a home office. They are a great alternative to traditional locks. The combination of letters and numbers makes it harder for someone to guess your code. This can be a great option for your home or business.

    Our Lockout Service Process

    Are you stuck outside your house? We can help. Here’s what you need to know about our home lockout services:

    Our lockout techs are highly skilled and will get you back in your house in no time. We have a fully stocked van, so we’ll be able to get you back in your house even if you don’t have an extra key on hand. Unless necessary, we’ll never drill through the lock—we’re committed to treating your house with respect, and we understand its value.

    1. Contact us immediately by calling right away. We’ll answer within minutes, even if you call after-hours or on weekends.
    2. Our dispatcher will ask for information about where you are, what kind of lock your door has (we can work with all sorts), and whether there’s an alternative entry point to your home that we can use to get inside (like a window or an unlocked garage). The more information you can give us, the more quickly we can help you get back inside!
    3. If there’s an easy way in (like an unlocked garage or window), we’ll be able to get started right away and should be at your location within 15 minutes. If not, we’ll dispatch a locksmith as soon as possible—usually within 30 minutes.

    Smaller Service Packages

    KLE Locksmith provides lockout services for cabinets, safes, and mailboxes. Our team of trained professionals is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. We’re available round the clock to serve you, and we’ll get you back into your without any damage to your possessions.

    Mailbox Lockout

    If you live in a building with communal mailboxes, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of agitation that comes when you’re locked out of yours. It’s not a nice feeling, and it can make your whole morning feel like a waste.

    All you have to do is call us, and then we’ll send one of our skilled technicians to solve your mailbox lockout problem. If you’re curious about the cost of mailbox lockouts, we offer flat rates for many services and can give you an accurate estimate before you hire us.

    Safe Lockout

    It is easy to accidentally leave your safe locked if you’re in a rush or haven’t used it in a while and have forgotten the combination. But if you’re in that situation, don’t worry! Our Safe Locksmith Services can help!

    We offer safe lockout services throughout Denver and the surrounding areas. In most cases, we can be there within an hour to help you get back into your safe—sometimes even faster. That means you won’t have to wait too long to access your valuables, important documents, or anything else that may be locked inside.

    Cabinet Lockout

    Locked yourself out of your cabinet? Maybe the lock is jammed, or you’ve lost the key. Whatever the reason, we’ll get you back in your cabinet in no time! We have tools for all kinds of cabinet locks, and our team is trained to work on all sorts of cabinets: metal, wood, plastic, you name it. We have worked with multiple cabinet locks, including the following:

    • Double-door lock 
    • Deadbolt cabinet lock 
    • Cam locks 
    • Side-mounted drawer lock
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will a Lockout Service Damage my Lock?

    No! A lockout service won’t damage your lock. Our technicians will use their expertise to ensure your door opens without doing any harm. If you are still concerned, we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

    How long does it take to open a door?

    It typically takes about 20 minutes to arrive at your location and another few minutes to access the door. If there are any complications (like if the door is faulty or the lock is old), the time may exceed. 

    Can you make a new key for my old lock?

    Of course! Our key masters are equipped with everything needed to furnish you with single or multiple keys for any lock. 

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