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What makes a great locksmith in Denver? Availability. We understand its really difficult to find locksmiths that not only provide rates that satisfy, but also help with any other lock related problem or even consultation. We at KLE Locksmith are looking to challenge that and change how we work. We have ambitions to not only be a Thornton Locksmith Company, but expand across the entirety of Denver and possibly beyond. But It all starts with you, we want to be the first name you think of in Denver, when it comes to locksmiths and we have a team that works tirelessly across Denver.

With expertise in both Commercial Locking Systems that require security clearance and protocols, to a simple chain lock; We at KLE Locksmith are more than capable of handling it all with great payment plans for you and your family/business partners to sink your teeth into. 

Here are some of the areas that we’re currently working in with the aim to expand that beyond Denver, CO in the near future.   

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    Areas We Cover across Denver

    Our goal is for our customers to find KLE Locksmith everytime they need us. So our expansion continues and we trust ourselves to provide the best Locksmith Services that dedication can buy (that’s for us). Here are some of the areas we’re currently serving:

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