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    Tailored Commercial Locks for your Business

    If the top-quality locks in your office building are not working, you’re going to have a few unhappy employees with a lot of nuisance. Which doesn’t make for very effective selling and doing business.  Now, imagine if all of your lock-sets were working but still incredibly slow. That costs you money as well – and more than you think.
    If you’re anywhere in Denver, and looking for Commercial Locksmiths, KLE Locksmith is your best choice for high-quality commercial repair services. We work fast cost-efficiently, and we will make sure that our Commercial Lock Repair Service is second to none.
    Whether you run a small antique shop in Denver or own a large corporation in Thornton, KLE locksmith can cater to all your locksmith needs. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and a high level of expertise.

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    Our Commercial Locksmith Services in Denver

    At KLE Locksmith, no lock is too hard for us to fix. All our locksmiths are factory-trained and undergo detailed training to understand locks’ mechanisms, issues, and solutions. No matter what type of locks you have installed in your commercial setting, we can install, repair, and replace them all.

    Re-key Locks

    Locks are an integral part of the security of a commercial building. But getting locked out is very inconvenient, stressful, and potentially dangerous. You wouldn’t want to be stuck outside with no way to get back into your business. Contact KLE locksmith for re-keying locks in Denver, CO, and find out what our commercial lock specialists can do to help you reinforce your locks. Rekeying involves making new keys for a lock. This process involves changing the pins within locks so that a new key will work.

    Master Key system

    No business owner or supervisor can deny the importance of a master key system for commercial buildings. This system makes maintenance much easier since all doors can be unlocked from a single location. Your employees will appreciate this convenience too. In the end, it’s just a more streamlined and efficient way to handle your business’s daily operations. KLE Locksmith offers a master key system for commercial buildings in Denver so that any issue you face can be quickly solved.

    Lock and key installation

    Locks are an important part of securing your commercial building, and knowing how to choose a lock is an important step on that path you’re taking. You’ll be getting the most value if you know how long it will take to install the locks, what kinds of doors they are best used on, and if they are weatherproof or not. KLE locksmith is one of the most credible and best commercial Locksmiths, providing all types of latest lock and key installation.

    Door hardware installation services

    Door hardware installation is a key component of commercial or residential property security. All doors are not created equal, and one could be more secure than another. When installing locks and door hardware, it is important to hire a professional who can provide the proper installation and training for all your door locks. We provide our customers with quality products and services for their commercial and residential needs.
    Door hardware installation services are a great way to promote your business and help consumers get the most out of their doors. KLE technicians can provide you with high-quality products and services that satisfy customers, from emergency repairs to full re-designs. We offer our customers expert installation services for all types of commercial doors, including:

    • Aluminum doors
    • Amaray Doors
    • Colored glass
    • Decorative glass panels
    • Electronic access control systems
    • Electronic strike systems
    • Exterior metal doors
    • Glass windows and patio doors
    • Interior sliding glass doors
    • Jalousie windows
    • Manual and automatic latching systems*
    • Paned doors
    • Painted interior doors
    • Plastic interior doors
    • Security bars/grilles
    • Security locks
    • Sliding glass doors

    Lock Types We Repair

    No matter what type of lock you have, we can repair it easily and confidently. We offer repairing and replacement services for all types of locks, including:

    Cylindrical locks

    Cylindrical Locks are the most common form of lock repair. They’re a cylinder with a keyhole and two pins that slide into each other, forming an airtight seal. Any time you change your door that requires you to change the locks, you should consider replacing it with a new cylinder lock. Cylinder locks are more secure than pin tumbler locks and are typically easier to work on.

    Keypad door locks

    Keypad locks are an increasingly common feature in commercial buildings. These electronic locks are easy to use and require no key, but they’re also quite easy to pick. Using a credit card or paperclip, it’s possible to open all the common models of keypad door locks in less than a minute. And because there are so many different models, you can quickly find the one that will allow you to enter the building without a key.

    If you’re using a keypad lock (or any lock, for that matter), make sure it has a built-in sensor that stops anyone from bypassing the lock by simply pushing a button. In addition, all of these locks should have some motion detector that turns itself on when someone walks by and turns off after some time. We repair a wide range of locks, including:

    • Deadbolts
    • Kwik Door Locks
    • Panic Locks
    • Biometric Door Locks
    • Remote Control Locks
    • Keypad Door Locks
    • Card Skimmers
    • Master Keyed Doors
    • Electronic Safe Boxes

    Mortise locks

    Mortise locks are a deadbolt used to secure commercial doors and cabinets. Mortise locks are also known as “security” or “elegant” locks but are often confused with their more expensive yet unsecured cousins, cylinder locks.
    The mortise lock has a cylindrical lock cylinder screwed into the door frame. The key is then inserted into the cylinder and turned to rotate the bolt. Damaged mortise locks can be difficult to open, and they’re a common cause of equipment damage or security breaches. If you suspect a lock is damaged and your door is stuck or broken, call us today to set up an appointment for our professional locksmith in Denver to come out and give you an estimate on repairs.

    Panic bars

    A panic bar is a safety feature found in many commercial buildings. In most cases, a panic bar is used as an exit lock to lock the main door, but panic bar locks can be opened in an emergency.

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