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Imagine you have accidentally locked your keys in the car, or the key gets stuck in the ignition. You don’t want to get late for work, but you aren’t getting any response from the locksmiths you are calling. Don’t fret, and call us at KLE Locksmith with us not just servicing Thornton with Locksmiths, but all across Denver, CO.

We promise we won’t keep you hanging on the line. With our fast response service, we’ll reach you anywhere in Thornton in minimal time. Whether your SUV door lock is jammed or the key isn’t turning in your motorcycle’s ignition cylinder, our technicians can help!

At KLE Locksmith, we offer an extensive range of services to meet all your automotive needs, with car key replacements, broken key extraction & rekeying our best work to date. Whether you need assistance in a car lockout, replacement car keys, or lost motorcycle keys, we’re here for you 24 hours a day. In addition, our prices are affordable compared to other locksmith companies in Thornton, Colorado!

Car Key Problems? You Can Count On Us

Multiple problems with your door locks, keys, and ignition can leave you locked out of your vehicle. You can be in the middle of the road where you cannot leave your motorcycle or car. Don’t worry! We offer a complete range of locksmith services to automotive owners around the area. No matter what the damage is, we’ll fix it. Our locksmiths will inspect the cause of damage and fix it to perfection. If you are dealing with any of the following issues, we are just a call away!

Key Won’t Turn In Ignition Cylinder

If you face trouble turning the key in the ignition cylinder while it is going in and out smoothly, the tumblers may be damaged. Other reasons include dirt and debris stuck in the cylinder, steering wheel lock activation, or the key itself. No matter what the problem is, our experts can get your ignition working in no time.

Jammed Car Lock

Damaged or worn-out car door locks often end up in lockouts because the lock won’t work. Old keys also stop meshing with the lock’s tumblers, making the locks jammed. Another possible reason behind jammed car locks is moisture freezing inside the locks in winter.

Key Fob Not Working

Key fobs usually don’t work if their battery is dead because the transmitter won’t detect your car. Your car won’t even start if you drive with a proximity key. Sometimes the buttons on your key fob also stop working. The only way to fix this problem is to replace the key fob.

Key Stuck In Ignition

After reaching your destination, the first thing you do is remove the key out of the ignition. It won’t start if the transmission isn’t on neutral. If the key is stuck even on neutral, you may have an issue with the ignition cylinder. Other reasons are lubrication, a damaged ignition switch, or the steering column.


    Our Automotive Locksmith Services in Denver, CO

    With KLE Locksmith by your side, you’ll never have to worry about getting stranded. Motorcycles or cars, we can help you with all. Our locksmiths can cater to you anytime, anywhere, from unlocking your Honda or Ford to repairing the key fob for your Harley Davidson. Below are some of the many services our auto locksmiths can offer:

    Car Lockout Service

    It is always a disaster when you can’t get into your car. You might be late for work, be in a rush to pick the kids up from school, or even miss an important meeting. We understand the stress and worry of being in this situation. That is why our team comes prepared with all the equipment needed for lockout assistance. Whether the keys are locked inside, stuck in the lock, or damaged, our lockmasters can deal with any situation. We take pride in offering round-the-clock emergency services. So, if you are stuck outside UC Boulder or stranded in an area like Quebec Street, rest assured of receiving the fastest services.

    Key Fob Programming

    Why pay over the odds for your key fob programming when your local fob programmer isn’t available when you need them? We are offering key fob programming services for all automobile models. We can program most cars within a few minutes. Programming of fobs and transponders is done with our traditional automotive locksmithing equipment. We can program key fobs for any vehicle, including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Ford.

    Car Door Lock Repair

    When your car door isn’t locking properly, it can be problematic because you cannot leave it be. All you need is a reliable locksmith who can repair the lock without damaging the car door. We’re on-hand 24/7 and will come to you wherever you are in Thornton or surrounding areas. Whether someone has tried to break into your car or you have a rusted lock, we can fix the damage. Give us a call, and one of our skilled technicians will be there to repair whatever the issue may be.

    Ignition Lock Cylinder Repair

    Mostly when your vehicle’s ignition isn’t working, it is because of some trouble in the lock cylinder. Over time, ignition lock cylinders can become damaged, rusted, and inoperable from not being replaced as needed or protected from debris and moisture. Restore the function of your ignition lock cylinder for your car, truck, or SUV with KLE Locksmith ignition lock repair service. We can make your ignition functional in only a few minutes. Our locksmiths are trained to find and fix most problems with your ignition cylinder right on the spot.

    Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

    Changing an ignition lock cylinder can be complicated, especially if you don’t know how to do it. Our locksmiths will assess the condition of your ignition cylinder and determine if replacement is necessary. We provide ignition lock cylinder replacement for various makes and models of vehicles. We offer same-day inspections and services. Give us a call today so that we can cater to all your ignition lock needs!

    One of the most common reasons for broken keys in the car door lock or the ignition is worn out or rusted keys. If you try to extract the broken pieces without proper tools, you can worsen the situation. Call us at KLE Locksmith. We can provide fast and efficient car key extraction services anywhere in Thornton. We use the latest tools and industry-leading techniques to ensure the job is completed to perfection. Rest assured your problem will be fixed quickly and safely at a nominal cost.

    Why KLE Locksmith

    The locksmith industry is flooded with fake companies peddling overpriced fixes and scams. But KLE Locksmith is different. We are offering 24-hour auto locksmith services for vehicle owners in Thornton. We deliver industry-leading quality and services at a fraction of the cost. All our technicians are licensed and insured to help you with your locksmith needs. We can handle it all, from making new car keys to changing locks. We also offer key cutting and replacement to help ensure you’re never stuck without a way to get into your car.

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    We are dedicated to providing you with nothing less than that best! We strive to offer professional assistance for all of your auto locksmith needs in Thornton. Call us!

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